Do you dream of creating stylish looks everyday, for every occasion?

Want your style to look & feel amazing and inspire others?

Through the 3 steps, I’ll help you harness your beauty, bring it centre stage and breakthrough to shine, no matter your age, your body style, the season, or the fashion.

Many women struggle with the process of styling themselves to create the image and fashion style they aspire to, and usually the reason has little to do with their size, height, skin tone, features or age.

Beating the odds requires an understanding of body architecture with a willingness to cooperate with it.

“How much money, disappointment and frustration has a lack of Personal Styling mastery cost you?”

The number one most critical styling skill is understanding your body architecture and using it to your best advantage.

Your body has an inherent style – you can’t make great decisions and develop your style if you don’t know what it is.

Step 1:  Body Architecture

Body architecture is the design, structural makeup and style of your physical form.

Discovery and  becoming crystal clear

  • Components of the body, the details that matter to successful fashion styling
  • Learn your structural makeup and it’s style elements, and avoid costly mistakes
  • Identify your qualities to show off your own unique beauty
  • Sketch your body style pattern to use as a visual tool – never be left guessing and gambling again

Step 2:  Architecture of Fashion

Fashion architecture is the design, structural makeup and style of clothing and accessories.

Insights and revelations

  • Reveal the style of architecture fashion uses, and which body architecture fashion collections are designed for
  • Where fashion works for you and where there might be conflict – and how to reconcile the clash
  • Learn to spot garments that will never work for you immediately
  • Know at a glance what garments fit, flatter and make you look and feel beautiful

Step 3:  Combining the two to Shine

This is where all the creativity, possibilities and fun comes in.

  • With your new clarity you can now know how to bring your body and garments together beautifully
  • ‘Mix and match’ – become your own personal fashion designer and stylist
  • Make people wonder – how did you do it? What’s your secret? You look great!

You will finish your training with a renewed outlook, be motivated and have the technique to be able to create your own amazing style right on the spot.

So many benefits

  • Confidently create your own style to shine
  • Curate a wardrobe that works for you
  • Avoid shopping disasters, save time and money
  • Have fun and joyful shopping trips and no more pain of the head days
  • Create ‘illusions’ that skim off kilos
  • Wear and enjoy all the clothes you buy
  • Dress with confidence whatever the occasion, whatever the season

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