Business – Staff & team workshops

Want to sharpen your employees fashion styling skills and take your business further and stay ahead?

Give your customer service team the edge, make people excited about coming into your shop, create raving fans and stand out above your competition with a client-focused consultative style customer service.

Can your staff confidently explain to your customers:

  • why a particular silhouette, colour, and style aesthetic is going to be the best thing for them and show them how and why that works
  • give examples to show the difference it can make
  • how to tie everything together to suit their personality and lifestyle, quickly like a pro
  • how to adapt the latest trend to their unique body shape
  • how to trouble shoot the doubts, objections and hesitations with style flair

I’ll train your in store teams on everything they need to know about fitting and styling a diverse range of body types and personalities, with the added bonus of how to help people step out of self judgment and have the confidence to flaunt who they are.  Have your customers coming back time and time again and bringing their friends.

Exclusive in-store styling events, presented by Tracey Erin

Topics covered can include: finding the perfect fit, building a curated outfit, how to wear the trend for your body style.

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