Personal Style Mentoring – work with Tracey Erin, creator of Style to Shine, to find your unique style and guide it to breakthrough and beyond.

Do you want to upgrade your look, and / or what you like doesn’t look good on you?
Do you have a really good style idea and no matter how hard you try you can’t pull it together?
Perhaps you are experiencing life changes, babies, new career path, relationship and you want to find out what works for you now?
Or you simply just want to look good, feel comfortable and be confident and you are not sure what the best style choices are.

Shop + Dress with confidence with guidance from your very own Personal Stylist, no matter what look you’re going for, I am here to help you make it happen.

My job is to take the guesswork out of how to dress + make fashion easy + accessible to busy working Women and stay at home Mums.  Why? ‘Cause I love helping people look + feel beautiful. And I know that when women own their unique beauty, amazing things unfold.

Together we’ll get super clear on your body style, what your features and strengths are, what styles alter, enhance and transform your figure.  Then we’ll uncover your favourite fashion tastes, colour loves, lifestyle needs and what’s important to you.   Then we tie all the pieces of your styling puzzle together in a playful manner that sparks creativity, creates fun and takes your style from so-so to alluring.

Packages start at   $299

“Styling with Shape”  How to transform your body figure, to look + feel beautiful.
2 Live Online Styling Sessions
Session 1.    50mins
  • How to dress for your body shape and size, to enhance, define and even alter the appearance of your base body shape with clothes, to meet your outcomes.
  • How to determine your body structure and shape – learn to see your qualities and strengths and how to collaborate with it in the most effective manner for everyday success, no matter what the fashion or life changes are
  • What clothing styles and shapes to select to begin putting together head turning outfits, that make you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable

Receive notes and illustrations for your body type and it’s shape, with a picture guide on clothing styles to enhance your appearance

An in-between sessions – Fun exercise:
  • to practice and play with what you’ve learnt
  • to help grow your skill and build confidence
Session 2.     30mins,     Follows 1-2 weeks after your first session
  • Debrief and review
  • Q & A
  • Your next small steps to keep moving you forward
  • A simple technique with journal sheet to use regularly to ensure you remain on track with your styling journey
Email Support sessions:

I’ve chosen to go above our live sessions by ensuring you have support through the phase of learning, when you are implementing the styling principles shared in our session, where there are always the most questions – applying and practicing the theory initially.

Your email support where necessary – and within reason.

1 month package   $697

3 x 50 minute sessions over one month, customised to your goals and needs, at the stage you are at on your journey, + 1 x 30 minute completion session
Receive a recording of the sessions, to review for yourself as often as you wish.
Simple tasks and fun exercises to practice between sessions.
Templates and planners to use
Breakthrough strategies to see your potential
Email support where necessary – and within reason
Finally we complete with a 30 minute session – a celebration of how far you have come, and the new plan of action for the future

3 month mentorship    $2,497

Coming Soon

1 hour  $198  –  for individuals who have completed any of the packages

Great if you’ve got a pressing issue or question, need some troubleshooting, clarity and direction.
How session works:  Fill out a pre session questionnaire, tell me what you’d like help with, bring your problems, issues and opportunities.  Conducted online over GoToMeeting
You receive a recording of the session, solution and a checklist, plus notes.

Not sure what you need or where to start?

Contact me to discuss your options.
This first, personal and confidential talk will help you decide where to begin and or if this is a fit for you, and me to decide the best elements of the Style to Shine system for your needs.
This session is completely confidential, free, and without any obligation.

Contact Tracey to embrace your style today!